7 Ways To Preparing Siblings For The Birth Of A New Baby

No matter how old or young your firstborn is, she or he will have some adjusting to do when a brother or sister comes on the scene, which is natural. Every parent worries about how a firstborn would react to having a baby at home.

Of course, being jealous is a normal part of a passage for all firstborns. However, the way you handle it can affect a lot whether you child comes to see new sibling as a friend or not. These tactics will make the changes easier for all of you.

– Talk About The Baby

Talk about the time when he or she was a baby. You should explain them how things will be different and better when the new baby comes. How crucial your firstborn is to help you with a new baby, as he or she is big enough and capable of doing things with you. Firstborns can help the new baby by bringing them their toys, a blanket or a binky. Tell your firstborn child how much you love him or her and that when the baby comes, you will still love them just as much. Get them familiar with having a baby and what is it like to have a sibling, so when the time comes, it will not be a big surprise.

– Show Your Children A Belly

Explain them that there is a small human being inside your tummy. Seeing your bare belly all around will seem to them even more interesting. Children are fascinated by it, as they do not know much about it.

– Read the boks about having a brother or sister

There are so many children’s books that talk about kids becoming siblings that can help your kids be aware and prepared for new family member. Reading books about kids becoming siblings can help your kids understand that babies are born all the time and that being a sibling can be more than fun.

– Go together for a shopping and let them pick out new clothes or toys for the baby

Kids like being part of ”adult’s business”, so going together for a shopping can make them feel important and ”big enough”. You should let them decide which toy or clothing you should buy. It is and easy way to help get them excited for the birth of the baby.

– Let them feel the baby move

Once you are far enough along that you can feel you baby move from the outside, let your kids feel baby kick and move too. They might feel excited to feel it and to touch it. It is a fun way to make it more real when they realize that something real is inside Mommy’s belly.

– Show them pictures of when they were a baby

Another thing that can really help your kids to prepare for the birth of a sibling is showing them pictures of when they were babies. You should talk about how everyone starts out as a baby, and remind them that they were babies once too. You can also show them pictures of yourself as a baby if you want to blow their minds.

– If you have a friend with a baby, ask your child to meet them

You can talk about babies and make beautiful stories about them, but when they meet them, everything will change, babies will become real for them. Being around a baby is different than just immagining it. If you can introduce your child to a friend’s baby, it can really help. Show them how gentle and soft babies are, explain them that they are small creatures we all have to take care of. Kids are always very interested in learning new things, so being around babies will help them when his or her new baby comes.

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