How To Use And Create Positive Affirmations During Pregnancy

Every mother has her own times when she feels scared or has doubts during her pregnancy. This is completely normal and common thing. We would like to let you in on a great way to help you manage all your thoughts and fears, in order to create a positive belief in you body, your baby and your partner.

You are probably asking yourself about the meaning of an affirmation. Affirmations are statements that you use to help instil a sense of positivity in your mind, a declaration that something is true. When a person repeats positive affirmations daily, over time they can be reffered to as a practice or daily prayer with intention of a positive outcome.

That is where positive affirmations come in. They are easy to do, but they have to be done a certain way for them to actually be effective. Affirmations can help to lessen fears and anxiety by moving away negative thoughts and bringing positive ones.

The way you think about yourself, your body and your pregnancy always have an impact on you, on your relationship, on your partner and of course on your baby. Your baby can feel what you’re feeling. This is why it is so important to move negative thoughts and feelings, so you can make positive affirmations part od your daily pregnancy routine.

Here are some of the affirmations that can help you:

My body is the perfect home for my baby

– Encourages you to trust your body and it’s ability to grow your baby.

My body is strong enough for my baby

– Helpful to overcome thoughts such as “I don’t think I can hadle this”.

My pregnant body is beautiful

– If you think too much about your body changes, you should just accept it and be happy for having a chance to grow your baby.

I make the best decisions for me and my baby

– Whenever you hear something that is different from everything you do during pregnancy, remember that you are your baby’s mother, so you know what is the best for both of you.

I won’t be pregnant forever

– At some point you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, but just remember that pregnancy is a journey that doesn’t last forever.

I am grateful for my pregnancy

– You should really be happy and grateful for the chance to be a parent, do not forget it.

If you choose to write you own affirmations, you should start with phrases like these:

-I am…
-My mind is open to…
-My body is open…
-I will not…
-My labour is…
-My baby is…
-I know that…
-My body knows…
-I make…
-My body knows…

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