10 Great Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

10 Great Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Announcing a pregnancy to the world is an incredibly important for a family, especially for a new mom. It is one of those life-changing things that will be remembered for decades. That is why it is crucial to make the pregnancy announcement as perfect as possible.

There are countless ways to create a unique pregnancy announcement. To celebrate pregnancy announcements and to make them be the best, we give you a list of our 10 favourite ideas. These announcements differ in style but the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are so exraordinary they can’t help but inspire all future parents.

Movie or Theatre Poster

You can invite your closest people for a drink or for a dinner and to put a big poster on the wall. Pregnancy Posters ”Based on a true story ” can be made differently and there are thousands of ideas on the web. You can make it be realistic and be a reflection of both parents and their characters.

Donut Box

If you want your pregnancy announcement to be funny and extraordinary and to include your child or more of them, we are pretty sure that this can be a great idea. You can order or make donuts and to put them in a large box where you can write a message like this: ”Eat up everyone, My Mom can’t be the only one with a belly J !”

Big Sister or Brother Training Camp

As you know, brothers and sisters are always the most excited members of one family, especially before the new baby is born, so why not include them and make a great story everyone will remember. Not all kids are mad about the fact that they are going to have a new sibling. Some of them take their job seriously, so buy your little one a blackboard and a chalk and write together a message, ” Big sister/brother Training Camp”.

Extraordinary Cake For Gradparents

If you are good at making sweets and cakes, or would like to order one, this can be a great idea for those you want to surprise. You can order or make a bodysuit or a sleepsuit cake with a text ” We don’t know if it’s a HE or a SHE, all we know is that you’re gradparents to be”.

Message In A Bottle

You can make a pregnancy announcement in a bottle. You can make a family or a friends reunion and make for them little presents. You can buy small bottles and inside of each you can put a little piece of paper with message ”You are going to be a Grandma, a Grandpa, an Auntie, a Dad, a Sister, or an Uncle”. Give to each family member a message in a bottle they’ll be so excited to read. Be unique and make it be fantastic.

Do It With Your Dog

If you are a dog lover and you want to make your announcement super interesting, you can use your dog and make it so special for the others. You can buy a little table and write a message on it ” Baby Guard Dog, Duty starts on …( March 2019)”. You can put a little table on a dogs shoulders and your partner in crime can just sit there and wait for your guests to come. It will be more than fun.

Empty Glass

If you like drinking wine or any other alcohol, you can make a funny announcement with you empty glass and a message. You can invite your friends for a wine and when you start taking glasses from the kitchen, just bring them and yours can be with a message ” Do not refill until… March”.

Holidays Presents

If your pregnancy announcement fits some of the holidays, there is a great way to make your friends and family holidays even better. You can send your closest family members and friends a gift including a great news you have. Buy some empty cards and make a calendars of them. You can write regular months and the last month (9th month) can be just with a sign of sweet baby’s binky”.


If you are someone who is used to expressing yourself in all your true Cyndi Lauper loving colours, you can make your announcement a great fun. But this time, you can choose a different song, a baby song and start singing it all loud. There are so many beautiful songs that everyone knows and everyone would remember at the very first beat, sound or a lyric.

Fortune Cookies

You can buy fortune cookies, carefully with tweezers remove the message and insert your own made message for your closest ones. Everyone will be surprised after breaking the cookie. You can also ask for a help from a local restaurant or bakery, we are sure they will be more than happy to help you.

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