Why kids need involving Dad?

Why kids need involving Dad?

Dad’s don’t always get the credit they deserve. Even today, when father’s are more likely to spend more time at home being with kids and taking care of them, we still tend to view them as a second-rate moms.

Children are still seen as the mother’s responsibility, and that is really a shame, because dads matter, really. When father is involved in children’s life, it makes a big difference. Father’s presence is crucial as mom’s is, for every child’s growth and life.

For decades, fathers weren’t expected to help in the nurturing or caretaking of their children, nor were they likely involved in their life. It was considered the mother’s responsibility to raise children.

Psychologists and other researchers assumed that mother-child bond was the most important one in a child’s life, but that father’s play the second important role in children’s life.

New researchers show that children who receive love and attention from their fathers are less likely to struggle with behavioral problems in life. Kids who feel loved by both parents are more likely to become less militant or emotionally unstable.

Both fathers and mothers have a dinstinctive style of interaction with children. Parents fall into the wrong idea that both parenting styles should be the same, or else the child will be left confused and insecure. Some researchers claim that this diversity provides children with a broader experience of more or less contrasting relational interactions.

A father’s engagement can really make a difference in the child’s life, whether they are married, single, adoptive, divorced, or a step-father. Fathers are central to the emotional well-being of their children and the biggest present they can give to their children is their presence.

There are so many ways how fathers can be more involved in children’s life. Big outings and trips are always great, but small daily activities too, such as watching TV together, playing some family games, playing a football match or just eating dinner together.

Fathers can simply ask their children about what they have learned in school, or in their sport practices. They could talk about an interesting book they have read or about some movies they have watched together.

Learning a new skill together is so exciting for both parents and children, exploring new places and learning about a historical places they are visiting together. Attending events such as birthday parties, first or last day of school every year or something else.

Effects of fathers presence are numerous when fathers actively participate in family life. Just to remember, quality of time is much more important than the quantity. A faher’s impact lasts throughout the child’s life. At every stage, involved fathers reduce the mother’s stress. When dad is participating and helping with the kids and other domestic duties, moms feel more supported and confident in every aspect of their lives.

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