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KEIKO Donating Community


Be part of the Keiko Donating Community.

Helping those in need

Our mission is to distribute outgrown clothing to the people who are in need and not just drop them off somewhere thinking it will change something. When your little one outgrows KEIKO clothing, just send us back and we will give it to the right ones, to all those babies that don’t have much. If you give us outgrown clothing, you will get a coupon for the next purchase. More clothing you send, the bigger amount on the coupon you will get. Our goal is to meet the necessary needs of the youngest ones and their families all around the globe with adequate KEIKO clothing. We would like to provide clean, outgrown clothing to people in need and to give them a boost in their already low self esteem. We believe with the amount of clothing that is thrown away every day, there is no reason people are going without basic clothing. Everything starts with the small and single steps, so we are making ours and giving our best to help.

We should all be responsible

We give you a chance to be different and to make a better and easier tomorrow for a lot of families. While travelling and studying around the world, KEIKO founders became aware of the struggles that many people in underdeveloped countries are facing. Many of them are lacking basic living necessities. Many babies are growing without clothes, food and water, among many other necessities.
This idea evolved into a powerful strategy that helps children and their communities all over the globe.


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