Our journeys around the globe have given us unforgettable experiences, but they’ve also made us realize the challenges that many children and their parents face.

Without easy access to food, water, and clothing, many low-income families worldwide struggle to provide the basic necessities to their youngest.


Be part of the Keiko Donating Community.

This is why we make it part of our mission to collect and distribute clean outgrown clothes to children who need them most.

When your child outgrows their KEIKO or any other clothing, you can help by donating it to many struggling families.

For every piece of clothes donated, you’ll receive a coupon for the next purchase. The more clothes donated, the higher the coupon value.

When you’re ready to donate your child’s outgrown clothes, all you should do is to send it to our warehouse full of goodwill to the below address, making your charitable donation as convenient as possible.

KEIKO Goodwill Warehouse:

50 Barletta Court, Clayton, NC 27527, USA

Once we’ve collected enough clothes, we distribute the packages around the world and personally deliver them to families in need. With your help, we can make a difference in the life of every struggling child and make the world a slightly better place, one item of clothing at a time.

We believe with the amount of clothes that is thrown away every day, there is no reason for any child anywhere in the world to be walking around naked. Together, we can reduce the unnecessary throwing of clothes and thus, at the same time solve this environmental issue, too. And only together we can make our planet a better place for our children and the next generations to come.

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